Here are some photos(click on them to get a close-up view and scroll over them to see their title):

A cute polar bear                                                                             paper clips for school, work, or a bookmark!

Rapunzel, with a long, golden braid.                                         An iPod! I wonder what song it’s playing?

Zebra Print Minnie Mouse with a bow                   icing bag with pink icing!

Nyan Cat, a flying, space cat that poops out rainbows! Mario Mushrooms: (from the left) 1 up, Mario Kart, Super Mario

A drained egg covered with polymer clay                           Winnie the Pooh donut! Is it filled with honey?

Lollipop! Yummy!                                                                                      Candy Canes

Cherry Pie!                                                                        Pencil! It doesn’t write, though.

Junk food! Mmm… but it’s not healthy!

Sushi with fish eggs                             Angry Birds (didn’t make: white bird, green bird, orange bird, pig)

Chinese Take-Out!

Cookies! Chocolate chip and M n’ M!                                  Twinkies… yay? Yuck? I don’t know!

Starbucks mocha drink. Refreshing!

Pretzel with salt!!!                                                                   Peas in a pod!

A frog sitting in a pond with lily pads and rocks.

Hello Kitty Donut! Cute!                                Aw, a seal! (or mamegome, Japanese anime-ish seal thingy)

Just a simple elephant.


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  1. Your clay figures are Sooooooo cute. You are really talented. The eyes on your
    “criters” seem as if they are looking right at me. I see now what you meant about the egg–that’s really pretty and interesting–take a look at Polish decorated eggs on the web, as some of their designs are really intricate. Love to you, Bah

  2. Hi! Your critters are adorable!!! My son would love something Pokemon related…Can you do that?

    Thank you,

  3. Uncle David wants to know if you can make Lord of the Rings characters, Rachel wants you to make a “tiny kitten” and her other Nana wants to know if you can make paper clips with high-heeled shoes on them. These are very awesome and you are very talented!!!!

    • The Lord of the Rings might be hard, but I can definitely try that. A “tiny kitten” will be simple. The shoes should be pretty simple too. Just some things I need to know: What character (or characters) does Uncle David want me to make? Does Rachel want the cat to be a charm or a miniature?

      • Rachel said a cat charm.Uncle David said you don’t have to do the lord of the rings…esp. if it is too hard. Rachel is very excited!

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